Three-color 50W Portable Home Juicer Cup

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Conference and welfare gifts can be customized and printed with exclusive LOGO and text.

Lightweight cup body, easy to carry aroundThe capacity of the 300ml light drinking cup is about 450G. The weight of the Three-color 50W Portable Home Juicer cup is about 450G. Like ordinary drinking cups, you can go out with a bag.

Freshly squeezed, drink without restrictionWireless power storage head, freshly squeezed and drunk anytime, anywhere.

1400mAh supercharged power lithium batteryEquipped with a 1400mAh supercharged power lithium battery, it can work continuously for 5 to 10 times when fully charged (depending on the hardness and weight of the ingredients).

When juicing, shake the Three-color 50W Portable Home Juicer cup upside down, and the freshly squeezed taste is more balanced.

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›Products Advantages

Long-lasting battery life, instant sharing

Power storage type wireless fresh squeeze, suitable for a variety of charging methods. There are three charging methods: car charging, AC adapter charging and power bank charging.

40 seconds DIY, good taste without waiting

The no-load speed can reach about 21000±15%RPM, the freshly squeezed taste is delicate, and the release of small molecule nutrients is easier to absorb.

Multiple security protection, take care of you in all aspects

1.Magnetic contact charging: no need to plug and unplug, safe and waterproof, no stains.
2.The cup body is made of PCTG material, without bisphenol A: the food contact material conforms to the national standard certification, which is safe and secure.
3.The cup body is separated, and the power is automatically cut off: there is a magnetic induction for the tightness of the cup cover, and it can be started only when it is aligned with the card position.
4.One-click double-click to start: easy to operate, touch the anti-misstart switch, double-click to start, and click to stop.
5.Simple flushing, easy to clean: no complicated knife group structure, and the order can be cleaned with simple flushing.

Reminder: In order to meet the transportation requirements, the Three-color 50W Portable Home Juicer cup has only 40% of the electricity when it leaves the factory. It is recommended to charge it for 4 hours before the first use.

›Product parameter

Name Three-color 50W Portable Home Juicer cup
Product Model MR9600
Product Size 95*87*183mm
Product Voltage 36V
Rotating Speed 12000 RPM
Power 150W
Net Weight 450G
Colour Luxury Blue, Coconut White, Elegant Pink
Material PC food grade plastic
Product Capacity 401ml (inclusive)-600ml (inclusive)


Next, we will explain the Three-color 50W Portable Home Juicer cup in detail.

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