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Stepless speed change

High Power Dog Hair Dryer adopts a new generation of turbine wind extraction system to concentrate the air flow and increase the air pressure, so that the concentrated wind is stronger.


High power motor

Long life high power motor, strong wind and low noise. 2800w and 3500w high-power, blow dry, shape, care, High Power Dog Hair Dryer brings you a new experience of strong wind and low noise.


Rotary buckle design

The rotary buckle design is more firm, and the air nozzle can be freely replaced during operation, which is convenient and fast.


Double silencing inner barrel

The High Power Dog Hair Dryer is equipped with double-layer silencing filter cotton and sound insulation device, which can reduce noise and effectively isolate impurities from entering the machine body and reduce machine failure.


4 kinds of blowing nozzles to meet various requirements

Eight finger wind mouth, each finger hole of the eight finger wind mouth is just an arc, which fully fits the physiological structure of the dog. When drying the back and long hair, it has a significant role in improving efficiency.

Wide flat blowing nozzle, the widened flat blowing nozzle can concentrate the air flow to blow the desired shape, greatly improving the efficiency of the modeling effect. Blowing the hair root can increase the sense of fullness and hair gloss.

The round nozzle is suitable for cold weather. It can gather the heated wind and blow it to the target position more stably. Compared with other nozzles, it can effectively improve the temperature.

Narrow flat blowing nozzle. Compared with other blowing nozzles, the narrow flat blowing nozzle has the aggregation degree of circular blowing nozzle and the drying effect of wide flat blowing nozzle.


Ten million level negative ion hair protection

With high concentration of negative ions, pet hair can be restored to fit, and light and fluffy hair can be blown out.


Product parameters


High Power Dog Hair Dryer


Various required specifications



Maximum wind speed




Applicable objects

Large, medium and small dogs, cats




White, Black


Q1. How to ensure quality?

We do a final inspection before shipment.


Q2. Can I buy a sample before placing an order?

Of course, you are welcome to purchase samples first to see if our products are suitable for you.


Q3: When can I get the price?

A: Usually we quote within 8 hours after we get your inquiry.

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