IPL Laser Women’s Dedicated Home Hair Removal Device

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IPL intense pulsed light of the IPL Laser Women’s Dedicated Home Hair Removal Device directly hits the depths of the hair follicle, effectively inhibiting the growth rate of hair, saying goodbye to repeated hair removal and effectively inhibiting hair growth. Directly to the hair follicle, the net slip is not repeated. Slow hair growth in one week; thinning and less hair in three weeks; goodbye hair removal and smooth skin in eight weeks.

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IPL Laser Women's Dedicated Home Hair Removal Device







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Whole body

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Plug-in Use

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No water wash

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Wipe with dry cloth



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Q: Is IPL pulsed light of the IPL Laser Women's Dedicated Home Hair Removal Device a mature hair removal technology?
A: IPL pulsed light technology has been used in clinics and beauty centers for more than 20 years, and the home IPL hair removal device has also undergone rigorous testing and development for more than 10 years. Both at-home IPL devices and IPL therapy are effective options for hair removal, and both have been extensively researched and tested.

Q: What is the difference between home pulsed light and clinic pulsed light?
A: Clinic IPL treatments are usually stronger than home IPL, which means you really only need fewer treatments. In comparison, clinic treatment requires very complex equipment and well-trained professional doctors to ensure correct and precise procedures. The home epilator and its ease of use allow you to easily treat hair on different parts of your body from the comfort of your home. In terms of final hair removal results, the home IPL hair removal device is very similar to the IPL used in the clinic.

Q: Is there any stinging pain when using IPL pulsed light hair removal of the IPL Laser Women's Dedicated Home Hair Removal Device?
A: If you have tried hospital treatments, you will know that most treatments are not painless, but the best thing about home IPL hair removal devices is that they are painless. If you have a lot of pigmentation in your skin, then you will feel It feels like a rubber band flicking, nothing more.

Q: How about the hair removal effect of the IPL pulsed light hair removal device at home?
A: Of course, the effect of hair removal varies from person to person, depending on the skin tone and hair color of the user. It is recommended to use every two weeks for the first two months for best results. In my experience, you can see results very quickly after two weeks of use. After the first four uses, you can continue to use it properly, with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks.

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