Mini Mosquito Repellent Fan Power Bank

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Electric fans, also known as electric fans, are used for heat dissipation. It is better to use it to cool down in summer, and it can also be used to dissipate indoor heat. Portable fans, as the name suggests, are fans that are easy to carry around.
In the hot summer, people feel uncomfortably hot wherever they go. Therefore, I often carry a palm fan or a paper fan with me to cool down and use it anytime, anywhere. This is the simplest kind of portable fan, but this kind of fan requires manpower to shake the fan to use, and people's activities cause more heat, so the actual use effect is not good. With the continuous development of science and technology, people have invented electric fans, which are driven by electric motors to force air flow, no longer rely on human shakers, and can easily and conveniently enjoy the coolness of artificial wind in summer. With the continuous change of demand, portable fans, that is, electric fans powered by batteries that can be carried around with you, began to appear in the public's field of vision, and gradually became a hot Mini Mosquito Repellent Fan Power Bank.

And our Mini Mosquito Repellent Fan Power Bank are a little different from other products in the same category:
Our products not only bring coolness, but also repel mosquitoes. Our product has a small groove at the bottom, where we can put aromatherapy tablets or mosquito repellent tablets, so that the blown wind can bring fragrance and also repel mosquitoes.
In addition, our products are also equipped with night lights, which can bring a little warmth in the dark night, illuminate the road at night, and ensure safety.
We are equipped with a 2000mAh high-capacity battery, which is the same type of battery as high-end electric vehicles. It adopts an advanced 18650 type battery, and the monomer capacity is increased by 35%.

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table fly fan


Mini Mosquito Repellent Fan Power Bank

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3.7V   2000mAh

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