Portable Small Quiet Fan with Night Light

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Portable Small Quiet Fan with Night Light.
8 hours long battery life. Meet your needs throughout the day.
You can sit on the table and enjoy the coolness.
Comparable to the size of the iPhone 11, it is light and portable and can be taken away. It can be controlled with one hand to keep you cool and comfortable, and it is a small and miniature travel package.
The fan uses a brushless motor, and the newly upgraded silent all-pass motor is stable at low speed, smooth in speed change, and has a wider speed range. Natural wind can truly "originate from nature".
With a new measured design, you can enjoy the breeze on your desk lunch break.
3D helical section, 4-blade circulating inside to increase the wind power by 99%.
There are three levels of wind speed adjustment, soft wind and strong wind can be switched at will, enjoying more than one form of cool wind.
Built-in soft light atmosphere, etc., soft light accompanied by sleep is not dazzling, no longer afraid of the dark.
It can adapt to flexible power supply facilities, mobile power supply, home charger, battery USB socket car charger, etc. can be charged.
There are four macaron colors to choose from, Athens white, girl pink, sky blue, and glamour red.

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Product parameters


Portable Small Quiet Fan with Night Light.

Input charge current


Output Power

2.5 W

Operating hours

The use time is about 3-8 hours, and the charging time is about 2 hours

Product material

ABS+PP+Silica gel

Product Size

22.5 cm*10.5 cm*4.2 cm

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When installing the battery, be careful not to reverse the positive and negative poles.
Quantity below 100pcs, the default is kraft paper packaging. If you have special needs, please contact customer service.

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