Cooling Neck Fan  3 Speeds Adjustable

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Safety is more important.
Leafless hanging neck fan, built-in motherboard battery over-temperature, over-current, short-circuit, leakage protection mechanism, use more assured!
Don’t blow straight to be healthy.
Fans that blow for a long time can easily cause the body temperature to be unbalanced, affect blood circulation and sweat excretion, and cause headaches, dizziness, colds and other uncomfortable symptoms.
Healthy wind, mountain forest wind, only comfortable, imitating mountain forest slope wind guide system.
The innovative design of the ramp air guide system will disperse the wind that was originally blowing directly on the human body layer by layer, just like the natural wind, and it is very comfortable to stroke the face through the mountain rainforest.
4-channel air cavity, powerful wind multiplier.
Inspired by the design of the blower, each set of turbines has a dual-channel inlet.
Air design, significantly improve the wind gathering effect.
Comfortable upgrade, no feeling to wear.
A large number of neck circumference sampling analysis, with soft and comfortable TPE soft rubber material, light and comfortable, as if nothing.

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1. 360° wide wind blowing
2. Mountain slope, wind guide system
3. 78-hole surround, soft wind system
4. Twin turbines, 3 gears high wind
5. 4 wind cavity strong wind gathering
6. 16 hours long battery life


Cooling Neck Fan  3 Speeds Adjustable, 16 hours of wireless use, release your hands, enjoy coolness, can be used for home, outdoor sports, leisure and entertainment, daily sports.





name Cooling Neck Fan  3 Speeds Adjustable
model DYM5
Working time 3~16 hours
product weight 255g
battery capacity 4000mAh
charging time ≈3~5h
input DC 5.0V=1.0A MAX
Voltage 3.7
Packaging size 200*192*60mm
Product Size 200*192*60mm
Carton size 675*465*465mm
Qty 40PCS
Single net weight/gross weight 250g/400g
FCL net weight/gross weight 16kg/17.88kg
ac neck cooler
Cat Neck Fan

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