USB Quiet Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan

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Our USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan adopt exhaust design. It can discharge the carbon dioxide, odor, moisture and sultry air exhaled by the human body in the inside of the mouth to achieve the effect of ventilation, heat dissipation and exhaust circulation! Attention please! We are a vented design and will not blow unfiltered outside air (virus/dust, etc.) into the mask.

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USB Quiet Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan
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Twin-turbo wind collector
The high speed of USB Quiet Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan generates a surging and large air volume, and the air volume is doubled.
Muffler three-speed wind
The noise is as low as 19DB, cool and not noisy, the noise of the magnetic levitation motor is optimized, and the rubbing force is free and willful. The first gear is soft and gentle, the second gear is refreshing and strong, and the third gear is strong wind.
Portable and foldable for a lightweight aesthetic
Innovative folding storage design, palm size, easy to put into the bag, cool and not absent. Ergonomic lightweight design, 168G wears without feeling.
No leaves for safe blowing, anti-twisting design
Double-sided air intake with dense holes prevents hair from being inhaled, and the fanless turbine further protects fine hair and avoids twisting and pulling, which may damage the hair.
Colorful night light, fashionable and versatile
Diversified summer colors embellish everything around the neck, bringing visual beauty to daily wear.
1800mAh safe and long-lasting battery life
Built-in polymer lithium battery provides more effective protection for safe use.
Lazy artifact, free hands
Unlock more application scenarios, whether you go out, work, or cook, you can feel cool anytime, anywhere.

Product parameters

USB Quiet Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan


USB Quiet Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan

Product Model:








Buttery Voltage:


Buttery Capacity:


Product Size:


Product Net Weight:


Product Gross Weight:


Product Material:

ABS+Silicone + Aluminum Alloy



Colour Boxes Size:


Carton Size:


FCL Net/Gross Weight:



White, Pink, Blue

Input Interface:


Usage Time:


Product standard:

One hanging neck fan, one data cable, one storage box, one Chinese and English manual

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portable hanging neck sports fan
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