USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan

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Our USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan adopt exhaust design. It can discharge the carbon dioxide, odor, moisture and sultry air exhaled by the human body in the inside of the mouth to achieve the effect of ventilation, heat dissipation and exhaust circulation! Attention please! We are a vented design and will not blow unfiltered outside air (virus/dust, etc.) into the mask.

The working principle of UV disinfection upgraded version:
First, the fresh air filtered by the mask is sucked into the inside of the mask, and the built-in LED ultraviolet light (ultraviolet light) is used for penetrating irradiation to physically sterilize the bacteria. The wind control is discharged from the outside of the mask to form a ventilation, heat dissipation and exhaust effect to achieve an effective safety protection cycle.

Take away the heat and give you back the coolness
The wind is adjustable, the first gear is refreshing, the second gear is doubled, and the third gear is instantly cool (intermittent work, guaranteed battery life)
High suction
Quickly discharge carbon dioxide, moisture and heat in the mask, and clear the sultry heat in 1 second.
Quad-core wind power, the mask is full of wind
The demonstration simulates the peculiarity of exhaling and inhaling human lungs. The clearer the gas in the mask, the more fresh air from the outside world is inhaled.
No more heat, lasting coolness
Whether you are shopping or shopping, you don't have to worry about sweating your makeup. Expressed with senses, without a mask fan, the air is dry and hot; wearing a mask fan, the air is fresh and cool. Wear a mask fan to keep the temperature of your face cool at all times, such as being in cool sea water.

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1. Tyoe-c charging port: Type-C is smaller and more space-saving than standard USB connectors, with up to 10,000 times of plugging life and strength blind plug structure design.
2. Charging indicator light: The user has a clearer view of the power of the USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan, the red light is on during charging, and the charging completion indicator is off.
3. On/off key: The switch button is set on the top of the clip, which is convenient for various scenes to be turned on and off at any time, which is simple and easy to operate and more convenient to use.

Comparison of traditional mask fans and our products:
The traditional mask fan: the air that has not been filtered by the mask will be pumped into the mask; the filtering effect of the mask is reduced, and there is a potential safety hazard.
USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan:
1.The fresh air from the outside is filtered through the mask, and then sucked into the mask; 2. The breathing exhaust gas and moisture in the mask are discharged out of the mask to achieve the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation; 3. The battery life is one hour longer than the traditional mask fan ;4. Our products are lighter than traditional mask fans.

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USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan


USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan

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Pictures are often the most intuitive introduction mode (in the absence of physical objects), so let's take a look at the detailed pictures of the USB rechargeable outdoor clip-on mask fan.

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