neckband fan for kitchen japanese

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1.Large capacity battery

2.Durable battery life


4.quad core motor

5.Adjust the angle

6.Quiet and comfortable

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This neckband fan for kitchen japanese has true 4-core technology, hair sultry does not exist. The wind is stronger, the cooling is faster, and the hair is not tangled. And can adjust the three-speed wind, let you feel the healthy and soft wind, enjoy the fresh and natural, and quickly cool down.
Our factory is not afraid of cost, using 4 turbo fan blades, it is cool and does not sweat. This neckband fan for kitchen japanese has independent fans at the front and back, and the wind power is twice that of two fans. Turbofan blades, the burst is stronger and the wind spreads more widely.
Noise-cancelling motors are more stable and efficient. We also use 4 noise-cancelling motors without fear of cost, and the wind power is increased by 2 times. Let you and your family and friends enjoy a fan that has never been so quiet and in a better mood. This neckband fan for kitchen japanese is really quiet and unforgiving, allowing us to use it easily at work.
Equipped with a 2400mAh energy-saving lithium battery, it can meet the needs of a day's use without getting hot. This neckband fan for kitchen japanese has an open battery life and can blow from morning to night. 1 The working time of the windshield can reach 4.5 hours.
It can relieve the sultry heat of the mask, pack lightly, and let you feel the 360° global acceleration of air circulation. It's good to have it in this summer, we can release our hands and enjoy the coolness. Free your hands to use at home, and play games more vigorously. The appearance of neckband fan for kitchen japanese is fashionable and versatile, and the selfie is really good. It can adjust the angle flexibly, and it can blow anywhere around the blower.
This neckband fan for kitchen japanese has 3 core cooling technologies to keep you cool without breaking a sweat. The first one is equipped with 4-core powerful power, which is the first to upgrade without fear of cost. With 4 noise-cancelling motors, the wind power is doubled. Second, the turbo fan blade is used, and 32 turbo fan blades are upgraded, which can effectively gather the wind, and the airflow can be doubled, the wind will be stronger, and the cooling will be faster. The third has independent front and rear air ducts, a real 360° all-area wind, and click the button to turn on the two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive mode.

Product parameters

name neckband fan for kitchen japanese
Material ABS+TPE+electronic components
Voltage parameters 5V/1A
Power 5W
Charging interface Micro USB
Actual battery capacity 2400mAh
Use time 1st gear 4.5 hours, 2nd gear 3 hours, 3rd gear 2.5 hours
Product color white, pink, green
Packing list color box fan, data cable, manual
Packing size 221*145*50mm
Gross weight with package 0.35kg
Outer box size 522*303*460mm
Outer box gross weight 14.5kg
Packing quantity 40PCS/carton

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neckband fan for kitchen base cabinet
neckband fan for kitchen in india
neckband fan for kitchen needs
neckband fan for kitchen in pakistan

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