How to Make Your Own Humidifier

Today, we came to the processing workshop of our company’s products. Let’s start with the very beginning. Humidifier

The process of processing and producing a humidifier in our factory is the processing of the water tank, the processing of the humidifier spray, the processing of the humidifier shell and the processing of the internal parts of the humidifier. So how do we make a simple humidifier?


Preparation materials: a large Coke bottle, a disposable infusion tube (new ones are recommended, available in pharmacies, if used at home, ensure that they can be reused after disinfection), a towel, a string; methods:


1. Put the The hard end of the infusion tube pierces the cap of the Coke bottle, pay attention to the tightness (if it is not very tight, you can make the small hole appropriately larger, and put a circle of bicycle inner tube rubber or a few layers of soft plastic film in the small hole first, and then Re-thread, can be sealed).


2. Fill the Coke bottle with tap water, hang it upside down above the radiator at a suitable height with a string, put a towel on the radiator, and put the water outlet end of the infusion tube on the towel.


3. Adjust the roller of the infusion tube so that the water outlet speed is roughly equal to the evaporation speed (that is, the towel is roughly wet, but no water drips down) or adjust according to your own needs.


From the above description, we can know that there are certain defects in the use of homemade humidifiers, and there are certain difficulties in the manufacturing process, so why not take a look at our humidifiers on our company’s official website. Our company’s products are of high quality and low price, and we also have perfect after-sales service.


Post time: Jul-28-2022