What can stand mixer do?

Many people think that the stand mixer is not very useful. In fact, it is very useful. What’s the use? The core functions are mainly kneading flour, whipping and stirring. It is necessary for Chinese and western noodles, fruit drinks and desserts. Especially for novices who are new to baking, stand mixer can help us avoid many detours.

1. Making meat paste
I often worry that the ground meat in the supermarket is not fresh or sanitary, but it is laborious and not delicate to cut the meat myself. At this time, stand mixer may be able to solve your problems. Its powerful meat mincing function can not only automatically produce delicate meat puree, but also add some spices to the meat to grind and mix well. Meat paste, meatballs and meat fillings are all fine. Even sausage can be self-made if you have supporting equipment!

2. Making salad
The built-in slicer of stand mixer can help you cut all salad vegetables and fruits. Its rotating blade can solve the problem of cutting vegetables for you in minutes.

3. Making cakes
You don’t need to buy any egg beater, blender or filter, just put the ingredients in it, and a perfect proportion of cake will be made.

4. Making bread
Whether it is bread, steamed bread or pizza, the process of kneading and fermentation is very cumbersome and difficult to master. Stand mixer can not only help you to save the most time-consuming and laborious kneading process, but also can most accurately master the process of fermentation and membrane formation.

5. Making noodles
When you want to make noodles, stand mixer can not only help you knead the noodles, but also help you quickly cut even noodles. And the unique blade design of stand mixer can ensure the user’s safety to the greatest extent. Children can also participate in the production process, which is fun.

Post time: Dec-26-2022