Outdoor silent clip octopus fan

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Practical and multi-functional, a variety of postures and multi-functional integration, Tailaiwu small fan, tentacles can be changed at will, can be held / can stand / can be hung / can be wrapped.
Quiet noise reduction, gentle care like breathing. Ingenious silencing design, quiet increase 2 times + air volume.
Thickened long legs and non-slip material make the Outdoor silent clip octopus fan more stable, no matter how bumpy it is. Select the original PP material, preferably the edible grade PP material, do not contain bisphenol A, reject BPA, and use it more safely.
The leafless design makes Outdoor silent clip octopus fan safer for babies to explore the world. Leafless small net port, safe and not holding hands, escort for curious children.
Atmospheric star light, sleep comfortably with children, weak light does not affect the baby's sleep.
It can be rotated 120° to adjust the wind direction angle. There is more than one angle of coolness, all angles are love.
The three-speed wind can be switched freely to meet the needs of many occasions. The first gear is natural wind, which is suitable for use when sleeping; the second gear is gentle breeze, which is suitable for indoor use in summer; the third gear is strong wind, which is suitable for use when going out for a stroll.
47 bladeless fans, powerful wind gathering, innovative turbocharging technology, 47 fan blades gathering wind, wind speed increased by 200%, stronger wind.

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rechargeable w


Outdoor silent clip octopus fan

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ABS+Silica gel



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White, Pink, Yellow

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More intimate design, more surprising details, let's take a look at this Outdoor silent clip octopus fan through painting.
1. Fan outlet: experience the feeling of cool wind and accompany you through the hot summer;
2. Starry sky doll: Atmospheric starry sky lights, accompany you to sleep comfortably;
3. Fan tentacles: ABS, silicone material, safe, non-toxic and tasteless, no worries.

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