Multifunctional Rechargeable Muscle Massage Gun

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Multifunctional Rechargeable Muscle Massage Gun.
This product can be used for daily massage and can be used all over the body. It can be used for calf massage and say goodbye to small thick legs.
The product has eight professional-level massage modes: "Spherical head can be applied to arms, shoulders, waist, buttocks and legs", "U-shaped head can be applied to cervical spine, foot Achilles tendon and spine", "Mushroom head can be applied to It is suitable for the large muscle groups parallel to the lower back and back, "the tapered head is suitable for the palms, soles of the feet, and joint meridian points", "the concave head is suitable for the large muscle groups such as the buttocks and thighs", and the "comb head is suitable for the abdominal femoral groove and calf". ", "The tripod head is suitable for the shoulders, the sides of the spine and the Achilles tendon" and "The octopus head is suitable for the muscles of the whole body". You can press where the soreness is to relieve the soreness of the whole body.
The product uses a powerful motor, 21800 rpm high-speed impact instantly relieves muscle soreness, strong and silent 40 decibels silent operation, quiet and comfortable without disturbing others.
The strong sensing power can deeply destroy fatty acids, maintain high-intensity and extremely high frequency, and let the body quietly enjoy the relaxation of muscles.
The impact is soft and the force of the fascia gun is a powerful torque motor, and the body hits the body smoothly and softly to maintain a stable power output.
The vibration intensity adjustment of up to 99 gears can easily and accurately meet the needs, almost meeting the needs of everyone and bringing you an extraordinary experience.

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Product advantages

Wireless and portable for relaxing massage anytime, anywhere.
With a cooling system, efficient heat dissipation.
The matte material is comfortable to hold and has a delicate feel.
Accurately display the power, relax and make arrangements.

For people

People who sit for a long time in the office can relieve the pain in the lumbar and cervical spine caused by sitting for a long time, and inject more energy into the work.
Fitness exercise, fully warm up before exercise is not easy to sprain, relax muscles after exercise to relieve soreness.
Parents and elders, dredge the meridians, beat the back and press the waist to relieve the stiff body.

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Multifunctional Rechargeable Muscle Massage Gun

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silver/silver white /green

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Next, we will learn more about the details of the Multifunctional Rechargeable Muscle Massage Gun through some product pictures.

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