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Mini LCD Screen Fascial Gun.
A new generation of Mini portable fascia gun, it is not only a fascia gun but also a masseuse you carry with you.
The fascia gun has 6 progressive adjustment modes, including "muscle awakening mode", "muscle relaxation mode", "decomposing lactic acid mode", "relaxation and decompression mode", "deep massage mode" and "professional mode" and other modes.
It has a large-capacity lithium battery pack, 1800mAh large-capacity battery, and it can be used continuously for two months in a mode of 10min massage every day. And it has a Type-C interface for charging, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring the charger when you go out.
Equipped with a new generation of silent chip, the high-performance configuration can quickly respond and process to enjoy a quiet experience.
Powerful motor with large torque, this model has a torque of up to 5kg/cm and shocks 55 times per second, and intelligently adjusts the motor output to high power.
It is very relaxing, which can greatly reduce the pain and discomfort after exercise. It can effectively link the soreness, activate the muscles, relieve the meridians and improve the motor muscles, and avoid the transition of the exercise to cause the muscle group to be firm and stiff.
Only 45dB is basically negligible when operating with a specific powerful motor.
There are two types of LCD buttons in a variety of operation modes.
There are four types of professional massage heads: "spherical head", "cone head", "U-shaped head" and "convex smile nodding", which can massage the buttocks, waist, legs and feet until they are light and do not occupy space, and can be taken at any time. Come out and click.

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Operation method

It is recommended to massage the shoulder muscles three times every 15s-20s to relax.
30 seconds of chest muscle group is enough.
Massage the back muscles three times at a time for 30s-1min to relax.
The hip muscles are four times at a time in 30-1min.

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Mini LCD Screen Fascial Gun

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black, green, silver, pink

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Power supply

Rechargeable lithium battery

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mini fascial gun plus

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