Outdoor Waist Mount Portable Mini Electric Fan

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Outdoor Waist Mount Portable Mini Electric Fan.

The waist-mounted mobile fan is specially designed for workers in high temperature positions.

Outdoor high temperature work, sweat soaked clothes, hot and uncomfortable, when working at high temperature, a series of physiological function changes will occur in the human body. The changes in the west of Zhejiang are within a certain limit, but it will have adverse effects and even cause lesions. .

Compared with ordinary small fans, this product can directly blow air inside the clothes to quickly dissipate heat and cool down quickly, and compared to the ordinary 3-4 hours of battery life, this product can last for a whole day.

The product has three gears of wind speed adjustment, the first gear is 3900 rpm to enjoy the soft and natural wind, the second gear is 4500 rpm/min for cool and comfortable, and the third gear is 5200 rpm/min for strong cooling.

The product is light and can be hung on the waist or neck. It is small, light and no burden.

Super battery life 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery can easily last all day.

The Type-c charging interface can be used with the mobile phone charger for convenient charging.

Adopt DC brushless motor, low noise and energy saving. 30,000 violent switch tests, intact.

With a waist hanging design to carry with you, cool anytime, anywhere and relieve work fatigue.

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Outdoor Waist Mount Portable Mini Electric Fan

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Outdoor Waist Mount Portable Mini Electric Fan products include 4 product features,

1. The front turntable can change the wind direction, and the wind is softer to the human body.

2. Equipped with removable battery, safer to use.

3. Rechargeable battery 5000mah.

4. Ultra-quiet

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