Small Semi-Auto Italian Coffee Maker

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Small Semi-Auto Italian Coffee Maker.

The overall shell is made of brushed stainless steel to create a streamlined texture, which is easy to clean and makes people love it.

Using holographic bio-sensing technology, you can easily wait for a satisfying cup of coffee by touching the black crystal screen.

The coffee strength can be manually adjusted on the panel to suit different tastes, and the strength and number of cups of coffee are up to you.

If the steam strength is not enough, the effect of milk froth is not good, and if the steam strength is too high, it is easy to cause splashing. The size of the steam can be adjusted at will.

20BAR high pressure steam can quickly roast the coffee powder and extract the deep essence and cream in the coffee powder.

There is a stainless steel cup warmer plate to keep it warm at all times, keep the temperature during extraction, and pour it into the cup to taste just right.

There are two types of hopper configurations, "one-cup coffee hopper" and "two-cup coffee hopper". There are also entry-level flat-bottomed funnels to enjoy the joy of "beginner fun".

The 1.6L large-capacity removable water tank can store enough water at one time, making it more convenient to make multiple cups of coffee without repeatedly adding water.

Removable water-saving tray, with a float inside the water tray, clearly indicating that you need to pour water to prevent overflow, the water tray is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

"Automatic temperature control protection", "overheat protection device" and "automatic pressure relief device" triple protection settings are more secure to use.

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Small Semi-Auto Italian Coffee Maker

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Next, let's take a closer look at the details of Small Semi-Auto Italian Coffee Maker through some product pictures.

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