Sprinkler Coffee Maker For Home

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Sprinkler Coffee Maker For Home.

Buying one is like buying two prinkler Coffee Maker For Home.:=coffee machine+tea maker

One product can extract "coffee", "dark tea", "Tibetan tea", "Pu-erh tea", "black tea", "green tea and other products."

After the water tank is filled with water, it flows into the instant heating tube, and the water boils instantly to form steam that rises upward; after the temperature of the nozzle drops to about 92 °C, the tea leaves are sprayed, and the spray type nutrition does not lose.

Because both coffee and tea have temperature requirements, they need to be nurtured at a suitable temperature to emit a tangy fragrance. The water temperature of 92 degrees can release the nutritional value reasonably, and the taste is milder.

The built-in PTC insulation board can keep the temperature continuously at 80°C. After the coffee or tea juice flows into the glass pot, the PTC professional insulation board under the glass pot can precisely control the constant temperature of 80°C, and automatically enter the 2-hour insulation state to retain the taste.

There is a one-button intelligent preheating function. Add water and coffee powder in advance the night before, and then turn on the switch to adjust the timing function to set the time according to the actual needs. You can get a cup of fragrant coffee in the morning.

The machine comes with automatic power-off protection. After the coffee has been kept warm for two hours, it does not matter if the machine is left unattended.

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1. Add water

2. Add coffee/tea

3. Press the switch key

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Package Contents

Spoon, strainer, glass jug and prinkler Coffee Maker For Home.

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Product parameters


prinkler Coffee Maker For Home

Product number


Rated voltage

220 V~50 HZ

Rated power

800 W

Product Size

290 mm*150 mm*200 mm

Product color


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