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Spray Type Tea And Coffee Machine.

One machine is multi-purpose and integrates various devices. Kettle + Teapot + Coffee Machine = Spray Type Tea And Coffee Machine.

Simplify the complexity, you can easily make a pot of clear tea, press the switch to automatically heat the water, and no extra steps are required to make the tea juice.

With a healthy and good filter, the mesh is tight, which can better filter out the residue, so that the tea juice is even and translucent.

The 600 ml large kettle capacity is suitable for 4-5 people, which can meet the family tea time.

With the most advanced anti-dry burning technology, the high-precision thermostat can eliminate potential safety hazards.

It has the function of brewing tea regularly, and the brewing method and the tea brewing method are the best methods for brewing. They can maximize the tea properties of the tea and better show the quality of the tea.

It can accommodate various teas including "oolong tea", "green tea", "black tea", "white tea", "yellow tea" and "scented tea". 

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How the product works

1. Pour water into the pot

2. Boiling by heating

3. The steam rises upwards

4. Sprinkle steam on the tea leaves

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1. Open the removal filter and put the tea leaves into the filter

2. Pour clean water/purified water into the water outlet container and close the top cover

3. Put the glass jug into the tea maker tray

4. Press the side switch to start tea brewing.

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Product details

1. There is a flip-up water tank cover, which is convenient for adding water.

2. Transparent water tank ruler, you can observe the water volume of the water tank at any time.

3. Extractable funnel, more portable when adding tea leaves

4. Automatic thermal insulation chassis, you can drink tea at any time.

tea and coffee machine for office
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Spray Type Tea And Coffee Machine

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