Portable Home Electric Coffee Grinder

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Portable Home Electric Coffee Grinder
The digital quantitative 31-speed adjustment can precisely control the grinding roughness as needed. It can meet various brewing methods such as hand brewing equipment and Italian extraction. Can meet a variety of needs, one machine can be used for multiple machines.
Cream white, wine red, dark black, frosted black and gold are available in four colors.
The large-capacity quantitative range is 1-10 cups, and the work efficiency is high. Enter the sleep mode after 3 minutes of standby, press any key to resume the working mode.
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The sickle inner core, the low speed of 500 can retain the coffee flavor well, and the detachable outer core is easy to remove and clean. Independent bean bin, can hold up to 275g of coffee beans for commercial and household use. The transparent ABS material can observe the amount of beans in the warehouse at any time. It has an anti-splash design, and the powder outlet is designed to prevent the powder from splashing.

Portable Home Electric Coffee Grinder Instructions for Use

1 .Add an appropriate amount of coffee beans to the bean bin
2. Rotate the grinding scale to adjust the thickness to the desired gear
3. Rotate the cup amount or start the timing function as needed
4. Press the start/stop button
5. After grinding, take out the powder bin
6. Done

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Product parameters


Portable Home Electric Coffee Grinder

Product material

420 stainless steel, ABS

Product capacity

275g(bean warehouse)  100g(powder silo)

Power Specifications


Certified product

CCC certification

Product color

Cream white, wine red, dark black, black gold


About 1.7kg (net weight), 2.5kg (gross weight)

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Because the powder outlet is designed to prevent flying powder, there is a slope inside, so there will be a small amount of powder accumulation. If the accumulated powder is not cleaned many times, it will cause the phenomenon of blockage and no powder. After each grinding, you need to tap the grinder to let the powder fall off to avoid clogging and normal use. (Italian grinders will have powder accumulation, it is not a quality problem, please use it with confidence)

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