Portable self-understanding home multi-purpose coffee machine

Short Description:

Enjoy a coffee time for one person and enjoy a mellow experience.

Multi-purpose machine, evenly brewing.

In the morning of every busy working day, you need a cup of coffee to refresh yourself, a cup of coffee to wake up the good life of the day.

You can also enjoy a café at home.

The super large stainless steel panel has a high appearance and high style.

Take off the glitz and enjoy the tranquility that belongs to only one person, accompanied by a cup of warm coffee.


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Product advantages

The extraction speed is fast, with an average of 4 minutes for a cup of coffee.

Easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

The product comes with a nylon filter, so there is no need to purchase additional filter paper.

Real-time monitoring of temperature, intelligent anti-dry burning, and more safety.

With a convenient control panel and exquisite appearance, it can be easily integrated into any home corner.

One machine is multi-purpose, in addition to extracting coffee, it can also brew tea and other scented teas.

Simple operation, three steps to complete coffee making.

The drip-filter type coffee can make the water and coffee powder fully contact to ensure the taste.

Small and exquisite, with high appearance, the appearance of the restaurant and desk is small and does not occupy a lot of space, which can well satisfy you.

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Product parameters


Portable self-understanding home multi-purpose coffee machine

Product number


Rated voltage


Rated power


Rated  frequency

50 HZ

Water tank capacity


Product Weight


Product Size


Exposed power length



best multi purpose coffee machine


We can learn more about the Portable self-understanding home multi-purpose coffee machinefrom the detailed pictures below.

best portable coffee maker


The product has no insulation function, please use it in time.

The product does not have an automatic cleaning function, please clean it in time after use to ensure it is clean.

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