Home Mini Semi Automatic Stovetop Coffee Maker

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Home Mini Semi Automatic Stovetop Coffee Maker
The elegant deep coffee pot is always at hand to participate in every encounter with toon
High temperature hot water spray, use the most suitable temperature of 92-96 degrees to release the mellow aroma of coffee.
A cup of breakfast to wake up the energy of the day.
In the afternoon, a cup of mellow taste will help you work well.
Dinner with friends, coffee and dessert are comfortable.
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There is heat loss in the circulation of 100-degree hot water, and the water from the shower is 92-96 degrees.

When using it for the first time, please wipe the product with a damp cloth and clean the detachable components. Please do not wash the parts that cannot be detached into water. After cleaning, install the dismantling part, put water in the water tank and boil it once for internal cleaning.

When making fragrant tea, milk tea, or coffee, first open the water tank cover, add fresh cold water to the perfume box, and make sure that the water level cannot be lower than the lowest mark or higher than the highest scale.

Instructions for use of Home Mini Semi Automatic Stovetop Coffee


1. Open the top cover and add an appropriate amount of coffee powder
2. Add pure water to the water tank behind the filter, and add water according to the amount of powder to the corresponding scale
3. Put in the glass pot, turn on the switch and wait

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Product parameters


Home Mini Semi Automatic Stovetop Coffee Maker


800 ML



Body material


Body weight

1.5 KG

Rated voltage

220 V

Rated frequency

50 HZ

Product advantages

Five-hole water outlet nozzle, steam evenly sprays finely penetrated coffee powder
There is a concentration adjustment lever to control the intensity of coffee taste
There is a high-density filter, which can retain the fine powder and create a delicate taste
There is a detachable filter screen, easy to clean, clean and hygienic
The water tank has a water level prompt, and the water consumption situation is visualized
Comes with "measurement spoon", "glass pot", "filter"

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