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Italian Home Instant Pod Coffee Maker.

Coffee capsule coffee powder dual-purpose automatic coffee machine.

General NES small capsules and DG large capsules, one machine is compatible with coffee powder and coffee capsules, which can satisfy your imagination of taste.

Food-grade safe BPA material 600ML water tank, enough for three or two friends to refill the cup, and you can also observe the remaining water at any time.

There is an automatic shutdown system for 15 minutes, and it will automatically stand by if it is not operated for 15 minutes.

One-button simple operation, simple function buttons, one-button extraction is easy, and you can enjoy strong coffee in less than 1 minute.

19bar high pressure operation, professional extraction of coffee essence, through high-intensity pressure, the extraction of coffee essence releases the aroma of coffee.

92° constant temperature brewing, the appropriate water temperature can keep the acidity balance of the coffee, and the water temperature range is kept at 92°C.

The coffee machine has two preset cup sizes of 100ml and 150ml, and you can choose the corresponding cup size according to your personal preference to customize your personal taste.

With its own memory function, you can remember your preferences intimately. Just press and hold the next time to automatically remember this time.

There are three kinds of brewing cups, "small capsule brewing cup", "large capsule brewing cup" and "espresso powder brewing cup", which can be compatible with more flavor capsules..

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Product details

Italian Home Instant Pod Coffee Maker is full of thoughtful details.
There is a detachable 304 stainless steel water tray, the detachable design is anti-corrosion, durable and easy to clean.
There is a precise capsule mouth, suitable for all kinds of capsule coffee.
Simple operation button, click to start, easy to operate.
There are non-slip feet underneath to secure the machine to prevent slipping.

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Italian Home Instant Pod Coffee Maker

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