Semi-Automatic Home American Coffee Machine

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Semi-Automatic Home American Coffee Machine.
Comparing with the coffee machine of professional coffee hand pour master, bid farewell to the tedious and second hand pour master.
The "Golden Cup Criterion" refers to the four core factors that affect the taste of hand-brewed coffee, namely "water injection method", "water powder ratio", "water injection time" and "appropriate water temperature".
"Water injection method" manual skill is not in place, hand shakes, the water flow is uneven, the rotation speed is fast and slow, and the coffee is mixed.
The "moisture ratio" requires a scientific instrument to calculate the weight during the brewing process.
The "water injection time" cannot precisely control the coffee extraction time. Too long or too short will cause excessive or insufficient coffee extraction.
"Precise water temperature" hot water that is too hot or too cold can result in over-extracted coffee or an acid that doesn't have a balanced aroma.
This product has a water temperature setting, so there is no need to worry about the unstable temperature during coffee extraction.
The product will choose the best extraction time to avoid problems such as insufficient extraction and over-extraction, and produce aromatic coffee.
The product is injected with 90° vertical water flow, and the flow rate is uniform. At the same time, in order to avoid the unstable impact force caused by the high and low water injection distance, a constant and appropriate drop height can be extracted evenly.
Even 360° rotating water injection makes coffee extraction more uniform and fully releases the aroma of each coffee.
There is an intelligent steaming system, which fully extracts the layered sense of coffee and releases the aroma of each coffee powder.
You can also choose the required cup size according to different people and tastes.

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Semi-Automatic Home American Coffee Machine is a good helper for home grinding with careful design.
Stainless steel body, wear-resistant and rust-proof, easy to clean.
The thermal insulation heating chassis locks in the fragrant temperature for you.
There is an independent power switch on the back of the product.
The 1.8L large-capacity water tank can be used with peace of mind, and you can have a cup of hand-brewed coffee anytime, anywhere.

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Semi-Automatic Home American Coffee Machine

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Next, we will learn more about the specific details of Grind one American Coffee Machine through some product pictures.

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