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Grind one American Coffee Machine.

Grinding integrated household small American coffee machine.

The freshly ground meets the mellow coffee, the stainless steel body shows the fashionable taste, and the coffee aesthetics is experienced with the meticulous texture to reflect the life taste with plain simplicity.

with LED

Simple display screen, the working status can be seen at a glance; microcomputer intelligent control can start with one key to simplify complex use steps.

There are three levels of strength adjustment, you can choose the appropriate coffee strength according to your personal preference. 1 bean is light in the mouth, 2 beans are smooth and moderate, and 3 beans are strong and bitter.

There are two extraction methods of soy flour to meet the needs of different tastes.

92 ° constant temperature brewing, suitable temperature can make the acidity of coffee stable and better to achieve the best effect, brewing fresh and mellow coffee.

There is an automatic heat preservation system, which automatically heats up for 2 hours after stopping the operation, and can retain the suitable taste of coffee at 75°.

The 1.2L large capacity is suitable for multiple people to share, and the number of cups can be preset such as 2 cups, 4 cups, 6 cups, 8 cups, etc.

With a detachable grinding center, it can be washed directly to avoid problems such as clogging of coffee grounds and odor after long-term use.

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1. Add an appropriate amount of coffee beans into the filter

2. Add the right amount of water to the water tank

3. Close the lid of the glass pot and put it in the center position

4. Select the coffee bean mode

5. Choose the number of cups

6. Wait for the caffeine

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Grind one American Coffee Machine

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