Semi Automatic Coffee Machine With Frother

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Semi Automatic Coffee Machine With Frother.

A coffee machine that you can take home with your coffee shop, so you can enjoy coffee easily at home.

Aesthetic body design, the black crystal panel inherits industrial aesthetics, the texture is streamlined, and it is easy to clean.

Holographic bio-sensing technology, touch the black crystal screen, you can easily wait for a satisfying cup of coffee.

On the panel, you can customize and manually adjust the coffee strength and number of cups to suit different tastes.

The 304 stainless steel steam nozzle makes the steam fully contact with the air, which can easily make dense and delicate milk foam. The steam pipe can also be disassembled and cleaned for convenience.

The steam strength also has a unique stress. If the steam strength is not enough, the milk foam effect is not good. If the steam strength is too large, it is easy to cause splashing. The cover product can be adjusted freely and the operation is more convenient.

The 20bar high pressure steam can quickly steam the coffee powder, which can extract the deep essence and oil in the coffee powder.

There is a stainless steel cup warmer on the top to keep you warm at all times. The preheating process of the coffee cup has a subtle effect on the acidity of the coffee, keeping it warm during extraction, and pouring it into the cup to taste just right.

Equipped with two kinds of funnels, "one-cup coffee powder hopper" and "two-cup coffee powder hopper".

The 1.5L large-capacity removable water tank can store enough water at one time, making it more convenient to make multiple cups of coffee without repeatedly adding water.

Detachable water tray, with a float in the water tray to clearly indicate the need to pour water to prevent overflow, the water tray is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

There are triple safety protection devices of "automatic temperature control protection", "overheat protection device" and "automatic pressure relief device" for more peace of mind.


The quality of the demanding details of the Semi Automatic Coffee Machine With Frother..

The large stainless steel can show the high quality, simplicity is not the texture but the exquisite furnishings of life.

304 stainless steel milk frother, resistant to high temperature and not easy to rust.

It has the function of single and double cups, and the separate design is convenient for cleaning.

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Semi Automatic Coffee Machine With Frother

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