New Upgraded Mini Fitness Massage Gun

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New Upgraded Mini Fitness Massage Gun.

A new generation of new upgraded mini fascia gun.

The 10mm amplitude of the brushless motor can relieve pain and protect the muscles. It can reach the deep layers of the muscles and enjoy the deep massage experience. Carefully massage each muscle group.

The powerful motor directly hits the deep relaxation experience. High-frequency vibration can deeply relieve soreness, improve post-exercise stiffness, and effectively relieve muscle fatigue and soreness. High-frequency vibration and deep stimulation can reduce the adhesion between muscles and fascia.

The gear shift can fully meet your different needs, whether it is sports relaxation or daily massage, you can find a suitable gear for you. The first gear 2000 rpm/min can wake up the muscles, the 2nd-3rd gear 2800 rpm/min can also wake up the muscles, and the fourth gear 3200 rpm/min can decompose lactic acid.

The fascia gun uses a large-capacity battery for long-lasting battery life and deep massage.

There is a Type-c charging port, and it is more convenient to share the charging cable for the first-line dual-purpose mobile phone when traveling.

There is a deep-sea level static shielding experience, and the vibration sound as low as 45 decibels does not affect work and life.

With four massage heads, it is easy to replace four massage heads in multiple parts, and different parts correspond to different massage heads for better results.

Spherical head is suitable for large muscle groups such as the pectoralis major latissimus dorsi, tapered head is suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridian palms and soles, etc. U-shaped head is used for massaging the neck and cervical Achilles tendon, convex head is suitable for The relaxation of various muscle parts, shaping the legs and buttocks and other deep stimulation.

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New Upgraded Mini Fitness Massage Gun

Product weight

About 412g

Product Size


Charging method

Type-c interface

Massage depth


Product color

Night Black, Remarkable Red, Mint Green, Peacock Blue, Burgundy, Champagne Gold

Body material


Rated power


Rated frequency


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It is recommended to start from the lowest gear for the first use, and non-professionals should not use the high gear.

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