Titanium Panel Hair Straightener

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Skin problems that everyone will encounter, age is increasing, living habits and the influence of the external environment cause various skin problems.

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Titanium Alloy Panel Ceramic Glaze Coated Mini Home Hair Straightener.

A new generation of hair straighteners with 10-stage temperature control.

The straight curler can use a constant temperature to protect the hair.

There are cool LCDs to show the temperature.

The rear power cord adopts a 360-degree rotatable design to avoid tangling and knotting during use.

There are "full cover type", "magnet flip type", "roll type", "half cover type", "drawer type", "flip type" and other customizable packaging.

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Product parameters


Titanium Alloy Panel Ceramic Glaze Coated Mini Home Hair Straightener

Product color


Heat conductor material

Tourmaline Ceramics

Temperature control adjustment

10 segments

Product number



45 W

Rated voltage

110 V-240 V

Rated frequency

50 HZ-60 HZ


Matters needing attention:

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Our manufacturer provides OEM service, but the order must start from 500 pieces.

Pay attention to scalding, look at the temperature, and don't stay too long when pulling your hair.

Since our product has 10 temperature controls and many grades, we suggest you start from the lowest temperature and try to choose the temperature suitable for your hair type to avoid scalding your hair.

Common problem

Q :Is there a burning smell when using this hair straightener?

A :There may be a slight burning smell after the first use. This is the taste of plastic under high temperature, which is a normal phenomenon. After several times of use, the smell will become weaker and weaker.

Q :How does your factory control and test the quality?

A :Quality is very important for every manufacturer. We have been recognized by many international certification bodies, including China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and EU quality certification. We will also test all products before delivery to ensure that everything is in the most perfect state


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