Air Humidifier for Bedroom Large Room

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◆This air humidifier has a large amount of mist and humidifies all day long.
4L large capacity water tank, equivalent to 16 bottles of 250ml mineral water.
280ml/ h powerful fog volume, humidification time can reach 36h.

◆Reject the wet table, the humidity is only in the air.
The high-frequency ultrasonic atomizer vibrates at high speed to break up the water particles.
The built-in baffle blocks the large particles of water, leaving only the fine water mist directly into the air through the air duct, which is not easy to wet the table.

◆Soft tone humidification, moisturizing and moisturizing without disturbing.
The pangolin humidifier reduces the flow of large particles of water mist, the working sound is quiet, the low noise is good for sleep, and you can sleep well all night.

◆Intelligent humidity control system, enjoy constant humidity environment.
The artificial intelligence algorithm is used to intelligently adjust the air volume, and users can also set the target humidity according to their own preferences to maintain the room in a constant humidity state.

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1. Ultrasonic atomization
2. Large capacity water tank
3. Thermostat setting

4. Water shortage protection
5. Quiet and moisturizing
6. Homemade disinfection



Air Humidifier for Bedroom Large Room.
Easy homemade disinfectant (hypochlorous acid).
Add salt and water, you only need ordinary salt and tap water to make at home, easy to sterilize, easy to make, easy to sterilize.
After electrification, sodium chloride (NaCl) and water (H2O) in the salt water undergo electrolysis to generate hydrogen (H2) and chlorine (Cl2,) at the cathode and anode respectively, and the remaining hydroxide ions combine with sodium ions to form sodiumhydroxide.(NaOH)


The air humidifier has a large capacity of 4L for sweeping and drying. By adjusting the variable mist outlet and cross-flow air pressure technology, the water-run air-conditioning room can adjust the size of the mist and the height of the mist twice to meet the needs of more scenarios.


Name Air Humidifier for Bedroom Large Room
Water tank capacity 4L
Maximum evaporation 280ml/h
Product size 200*200*280mm
Applicable area 21-30 m2
Color box size 210*210*305mm
 Model DYQT-JS903
Rated power 28W
Control mode mechanical, intelligent
Product noise below 36dB
Net weight/pc 1.23kg
Carton size/16 pieces 860*440*630mm




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