5L Smart Heating Air Humidifier

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Ultrasonic humidifier, say goodbye to dryness, improve your quality of life, and make your life unsustainable.

Hurricane fog ring with heating and WIFI function. The wide and flat mist outlet sends the water mist to the room in a bundle shape, without wetting the desktop, it can kill microorganisms and give you a complete humidification experience.

Smart Humidity Control. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, intelligently adjust the air volume, you can set the target humidity according to your own preferences, and enjoy the constant humidity environment.

5L large capacity. There is no need to add water frequently. The ultrasonic humidifier quickly atomizes the clean water source in the water tank into small water molecules, and quickly sends air through the turbo fan to form a circulating air duct inside.

Soft sound humidification does not disturb. It can reduce the flow sound of large particles of water mist, work quietly, sleep well with low noise, and sleep well all night.

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1.Simulate natural wind
2.Multi-gear adjustment
3.Long battery life
4.Bass noise reduction.


5L smart heating Air Humidifier, Simple appearance, versatile for various scenes.
Easily integrated into the office and home environment, it is a decorative landscape when you put it at your fingertips.
• Life
Wake up naturally in the early morning sun, giving you nourishing companionship from morning to night.
• Home
Leisure at home, give you inseparable moisture.
• Office
A good helper to relieve the pressure of dryness and water shortage, and the secret magic weapon to improve work efficiency.



Name 5L smart heating Air Humidifier
Water tank capacity 5L
Maximum evaporation 280ml/h
Product size 270*110*292mm
Color box size 380*170*345mm
 Model DYQT-JS1919
Rated power 28W
Control mode touch (remote control)
Product noise below 36dB
Carton size 715*395*720mm



Humidifier use tips

1. Clean the humidifier regularly
①It is recommended to clean the humidifier regularly every 3~5 days.
②If there is scale in the water tank, put an appropriate amount of citric acid + warm water, soak for half an hour and then clean.
③ The sterilization function that comes with the humidifier cannot replace regular cleaning.

2. Do not add anything to the water tank
When using a humidifier, do not add essential oils, disinfectants, germicides, lemon juice, white vinegar, etc. to the water tank.

3. It is recommended to use pure water for humidification
In areas with hard water quality, it is recommended to use pure water, cool boiled water, and softened water for humidification.

4. Change the water frequently
① Please change the old water in the sink and water tank frequently to keep it clean.
②When not in use for a long time, the remaining water should be poured out in time.

5. Timely switch between small gear/constant humidity gear
Because the high-grade/high-grade humidification capacity is large, it is recommended to switch to the low-grade or constant-humidity gear when used in a closed environment for a long time.

6. Do not put it on the carpet to humidify
Do not use on soft fabrics such as carpets, and do not block up and down to avoid abnormal fog.

7. Clean up the filter cotton in time
If there is a removable filter cotton at the air inlet, it is recommended that users clean it every 2 months to prevent dust from clogging the air inlet.


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