Floor Type Large Fog Volume Air Humidifier

Short Description:

  • Dual-use humidifier for home and business, 21L quad-core fog.
    UV sterilization can add tap water to enjoy moisturizing and moisturizing
  • Surging fog volume, feel moisturizing.
    2000mVH fog output, surging and visible, suitable for large area humidification within 200 square meters.
  • Intelligent constant humidity, comfortable temperature
    Built-in sensitive temperature detection, real-time adjustment of space humidity, just like being in the forest.
  • Intelligent constant humidity, three-speed fog volume adjustment.
    Intelligent constant humidity, the humidifier can detect the ambient humidity in real time, and automatically adjust the amount of fog to control the indoor humidity.
  • 21L large capacity, integrated anti-leakage design.
    The 21L large capacity can be used continuously for 24 hours without adding water frequently. The integrated water tank design, bid farewell to the problem of easy water leakage of the humidifier.
  • Far infrared remote control.
    Key remote control, can be controlled without moving.

Product Detail

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UV powerful sterilization function, can be directly added to tap water.
Do not choose water quality, use UV continuous sterilization technology to ensure that the water source is purified by ultraviolet rays to release clean water mist before atomization.
Automatic power off due to water shortage, protection at all times.
Water shortage AI chip automatically detects the change of water level, and stops working after power off after the buzzer prompts.
Large screen and clear display, easy to control.
Touch control, intelligent monitoring of environmental data, real-time display of humidity.


1. Quad-core fog, 2000ml/ h fog volume
2. 21L large capacity, lasting humidification
3. Add water, convenient and fast
4. Stainless steel atomizing sheet, can add disinfectant
5. Intelligent constant humidity, experience comfortable humidity
6. UV sterilization, release clean water mist


Floor type large fog volume air humidifier.
Home and business use, a wide range of applications.
It can be used in villas, supermarkets, offices, factories, warehouse flower shops, etc.

• Florist / Planter

• large villa

• Ultrasound/Marketing

• large office

• Factory/Warehouse



Name Floor type large fog volume air humidifier
Rated Capacity 21L
Rated voltage 110V~240V
Product size 270*270*630mm
Model DYBE-J001
Rated power 110W
Rated frequency 50Hz
control method Touch

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