2.5L Mini Air Humidifier Room Humidification

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The mini humidifier releases a fine mist, deeply moisturizing, keeping your skin supple at all times.

The appearance is simple and beautiful, providing fresh air for life.

Let you enjoy a humidified life, a comfortable life, and a taste of life. The ultrasonic humidifier atomizes at room temperature, does not leak, and does not wet the desktop. It is suitable for humidification and moisturizing at any time. After a busy day, learn to enjoy moments of relaxation and let the humidifier accompany you.

Using high-frequency atomizing tablets, the water is scattered into micron-sized particles, forming a dense tax that quickly volatilizes and deeply moistens the space.

Conveniently add water, add water at your fingertips, and easily complete the water adding process.

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Your office partner. Faced with acne on the computer for a long time, the air-conditioned environment is dry and peeling, the mini humidifier can easily solve your dry troubles.


1.Large-capacity household, plus water humidifier. Quiet at home, large spray capacity.
2.Knob-type switch, knob-type stepless adjustment of fog volume, simple operation, can be operated by the elderly and children.
3.Send the fog to a high place without wetting the table top. The wide and flat mist outlet sends the water mist to the indoor height in a bundle, which is not easy to wet the desktop, and sends the moisturizing water mist to the outside.
4.Large capacity, moisturizing lasts all day, no need to refill frequently.
5.Pair it with a humidifier to keep your life hydrated.

Why use a humidifier

2.5L mini Air Humidifier Room humidification.
Dry air can cause health problems: dehydration, dry throat, bitter eyes, chapped lips and a series of other problems are caused by dryness.
Dry air leads to bacterial invasion: the humidity of the room is too low, which is easy for bacteria and viruses to invade and spread, which brings harm to health.
Dry air causes dry skin in: The body's moisture content is imbalanced, the skin lacks elasticity and luster, accelerated cortical aging, tightness and roughness.


Name 2.5L mini Air Humidifier Room humidification
Water tank capacity 2.5L
Maximum evaporation 250ml/h
Product size 170*160*245mm
Applicable area 21-30 m2
 Model DYQT-JS2029
Rated power 28W
Control mode mechanical
Product noise below 36dB
Function Ultrasonic




1. Q: What is the volume of the water tank?
A: 2.5L.

2. Q: Is it ultrasonic humidification?
A: Yes, it is ultrasound.

3. Q: Is there water shortage protection?
A: Yes, automatic power-off protection for water shortage.

4. Q: Can it be exported? Is there any foreign certification?
A: Yes, with GS, CE, ROHS.

5. Q: Can LOGO be printed?
A: Logo can be printed for more than 1000 units.

6. Q: Can the packaging be customized?
A: More than 1000 sets can be customized packaging.

7. Q: How long is the customized delivery time?
A: 20-35 days.

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