Large multi-colored diamond-shaped ice hockey puck

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The ice wave ball is in the shape of a diamond, made of high-strength glass, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and has a special ice bead stone inside.

Beauty Ice Ball
High temperature does not crack, low temperature does not freeze. Can be used in seasonal allergies, improve eye bags, calm and soothe. Moisturize your skin with the Large multi-colored diamond-shaped ice hockey puck that give you the feeling of the sea.
Cool Ice Pack To Tighten Pores
Shrink pores, calm and soothe, improve acne and large pores, repair sunburn, anti-allergic, improve redness.
Thermal Energy Awakens, Enhances Vitality
Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and aging, improve eye fine lines, eye bags, dark circles.
Hot And Cold Dual Use, Moisturizing And Peeling
Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin, heat awakening.
1.Ice compress: can be placed in the freezer (with a foam handle when used), sensitive skin and large pores, repair sunburn, hormone face, red blood. Freeze to -20 ℃ and the liquid does not freeze. Chill in the refrigerator.
2.Hot compress: soak in hot water for 3~4 minutes (with a foam handle when using) to enhance skin vitality, promote skin metabolism, help open pores, and discharge waste in pores. Heated to 100 ℃, the sphere is not broken. Heat in boiling water.

Product Comparison

Our products: 1. Can be stored in the freezer for a long time; 2. High borosilicate glass, resistant to high and low temperatures. 3. It can be cold or hot.
Other common products: 1. Ordinary glass is not resistant to high and low temperature; 2. It cannot be placed in the freezer; 3. It is easy to freeze and the glass is easy to break.

Product Usage

1. Refreshing the mind and restoring elasticity: improve skin firmness/shrink pores, restore stratum corneum, and promote the discharge of harmful substances from the skin;
2. Allergy relief, red blood repair: improve skin firmness, and have an excellent improvement effect on eye bags/forehead lines/canthus and mouth lines;
3. Improve eye bags and repair after sun exposure: make skin blood vessels contract and relax rhythmically, improve skin blood circulation, facilitate the penetration of skin care Large multi-colored diamond-shaped ice hockey puck, and make them fully effective.

first ice hockey puck

Product parameters

Large multi-colored diamond-shaped ice hockey puck


Large multi-colored diamond-shaped ice hockey puck

Liquid Capacity:


Product Size:

50mm(Sphere Diameter)

75mm(Handle Length)

Sphere Material:

High borosilicate glass

Sphere Liquid:

Rejuvenating Energy Water (No Freezing)

Net Weight:


Product Model:






Packing Size:


Warranty Time:

3 years


Whitening, shrink pores, remove wrinkles

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