How to use the fascia gun to be effective

I don’t know since when, the fascia gun exploded out of the circle, not only fitness experts and celebrities are using it, but even office workers and square dance aunts regard it as a “relaxation artifact”.
The fascia gun was once labeled with various labels such as “relaxing muscles, relieving fatigue”, “weight loss and shaping, burning fat”, “relieving cervical vertebrae, treating diseases” and so on.
So is the fascia gun useful? Can anyone use it for relaxation?
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The fascia gun has a certain effect, but it should be used with caution and rationality
Fascia is the white filamentous part of the muscle. There may be fascia in the muscles and tendon tissues of the whole body. The fascia gun mainly targets the myofascia, not just the fascia. The fascia gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool. It relaxes the soft tissue of the body through high-frequency vibration, which can relax muscles, reduce local tissue tension, and promote blood circulation. It can relieve muscle fatigue or pain symptoms caused by muscle and fascia tension.
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It should be noted that the fascia gun must be used carefully and reasonably.
Fascia guns and other equipment cannot replace people’s active movement. To reduce pain, the most effective way is to change your lifestyle and actively exercise. It is recommended that you do three to five times a week of exercise with a certain intensity; if you sit for half an hour to 45 minutes, you should get up and move for a few minutes. You can do some gentle stretching movements, such as rotating your neck, changing your sitting position regularly, and actively stretching and relaxing. Muscles of the chest, back, neck, etc.
Where to hit where it hurts? Do not use these parts
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There are many parts of our body that are not suitable for using the fascia gun, such as the head, cervical spine, chest, armpits, joints, etc., especially the places where blood vessels, nerves, and lymph are dense. damage to bones, nerves, etc. The fascia gun is only suitable for the muscular parts such as the waist and back. Everyone should pay attention when using it. It is not that you can hit wherever it hurts.
It is worth noting that not everyone is suitable for using a fascia gun. People who work at a desk for a long time, use computers for a long time, and sit still for a long time are high-risk groups of cervical spine diseases. Such people may have symptoms such as dizziness, stiff neck, neck and shoulder pain, and numbness. It is recommended that such people first be diagnosed by a professional doctor and rehabilitation therapist. If cervical spondylosis is caused by muscle stiffness, using a fascia gun may achieve a certain pain relief effect. But many cervical spondylosis is not only caused by muscle stiffness, but also other reasons. At this time, the fascia gun cannot be used indiscriminately. The fascia gun must be used in accordance with the instructions for use or under the guidance of professionals. The correct use of the fascia gun will not cause muscle swelling, so if this happens, it means that the muscle has been damaged due to improper use. It is recommended that patients apply cold compresses on the swollen part first to avoid more severe swelling, and then use hot compresses or drugs with blood-activating and stasis-removing properties after 24 hours. If the swelling and pain are severe, you should seek medical attention in time and carry out treatment under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Post time: Jul-21-2022