The role and function of the fascia gun

Fascia gun is a popular massage tool, it is more convenient to use, many people will use fascia gun, especially young people. The fascia gun can relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, and can relax the muscles and fascia. Many people use the fascia gun to massage and soothe after exercise, which can have a very good massage effect.

The role and function of the fascia gun

1. Relieve fatigue and pain

Even if you don’t usually exercise, occasionally using the fascia gun as a massage tool can promote blood circulation, dispel fatigue-induced creatine, and help relieve fatigue and soreness in your body.

Generally speaking, after exercise, the muscles of the human body will be in a relatively painful state, because after exercise, muscle tension, lactic acid accumulation, and hypoxia. At this time, using the fascia gun to push and pull in an orderly manner can help them relax the muscles and prevent them from expanding.

2. Relax fascia and muscles

After exercising, if you do not massage and stretch your muscles, the muscles will become very tight and fascial adhesions will occur, which will not only make the body feel uncomfortable, but also affect the recovery and growth of the muscles, which may cause muscle stiffness and stiffness. and tight.

Use the fascia gun to generate 2000-3000 vibrations per minute. After the body moves, the gun head impacts the tense body parts to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover, and avoid muscle overstrength.

3. Relax skeletal muscles

When the fascia gun vibrates at high frequency on the surface of the skin, it also acts on the deep skeletal muscles, so that the skeletal muscles are instantly relaxed, and the meridians, nerves and blood vessels are instantly unobstructed.

4. Improve fasciitis

The Fascia Gun itself is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool. It relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high frequency shocks. For patients with fasciitis, frequent use of the fascia gun can promote muscle and surrounding soft tissue recovery or eliminate fatigue, thereby indirectly affecting tissue repair.

How to use the fascia gun correctly

1. Move along the muscle line

People who cut meat know that muscles have texture, and cutting meat at random can make it bad, and so do people. When using the fascia gun, remember to massage in the direction of the muscle. Don’t press left right away, but press right right away. Not only does the relaxing effect diminish, it also causes damage in the wrong places.

2. Massage each part for 3 to 5 minutes

It is recommended to change the dwell time of the sealing gun according to the gun head. For example, the front end of the vertebral head has a small area and concentrated power, and the use time is about 3 minutes; due to the large area of ​​the spherical head and the greater average muscle strength, it can be extended to 5 minutes.

3. Don’t be too strong

The fascia gun will hit the skin → fat → fascia with force through vibration and finally reach the muscle. Because the skin is stressed first, when high shock waves and forced compressions occur, epidermal tissue may be bruised and even muscles may be slightly torn! Therefore, when using the fascia gun, we should pay attention to controlling strength and give priority to large muscles such as quadriceps, glutes, etc. Avoid using the fascia gun on areas with thin muscles, such as the shoulders, which can reduce problems with chafing and tearing.

Where can the fascia gun massage

1. Back massage

First, make sure to start massaging after the vibration. Massage your back by walking up and down the upper neck and upper shoulder muscles. You will feel nodules. Do not apply force to the nodule. Just massage for a while and the nodules will dissipate.

2. Waist massage

First, make sure to start massaging after the vibration. The main massage is the lower back. It is recommended to choose a soft massage foam head. Focus on finding out where your hips are, and spend more time massaging the muscles near the hips, then to the hips, and finally back to the muscles near the hips for massage.

3. Buttocks massage

When massaging the buttocks, first find the position of the femoral head and sacrum on both sides. Starting from both femoral heads, walk slowly and massage to the sacrum. There are many muscle fibers in the hip. Spend more time massaging the muscle fibers back and forth.

Applicable and contraindicated groups of fascia gun

For people:

1. Professional athletes with a large amount of exercise;

2. People who like sports often go to the gym to exercise or exercise self-discipline;

3. Sedentary people, mainly office workers, sit for hours.

Taboo groups:

1. Pregnant women;

2. Patients with acute contusion;

3. People with health problems.

After that, let’s talk about the use of different massage heads. Generally, fascia guns are only equipped with four different types of fascia guns, namely spherical head, conical head, U-shaped head and small flat head. According to different needs, you can choose different massage heads, and then relieve the muscle groups that need to be relaxed, so as to make yourself more relaxed and relieve the fatigue after exercise or work.

Post time: Aug-29-2022